Political Management Consortium for Latin America

Policies and procedures for awarding financial aid
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Definition and purpose of financial aid

Financial aid is understood as all monetary assistance offered to a participant who has met all of the requirements and is enrolled in an educational program run by one or more members of the consortium. Aid is designed to cover all or part of the net cost of the educational program and will be awarded by the member responsible for the program according to the selection criteria described below. Upon approval, financial aid will take the form of full or half scholarships based on the net cost of tuition in the educational program in question.

Criteria for awarding financial aid

The following criteria will be used for awarding financial aid (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Academic and/or scientific merit, proof of which will supplied by the applicant in the form of the necessary documentation.

  2. Financial need or hardship.

  3. Political management experience in Latin America.

  4. Availability of funding for the specific program.

Because resources are limited, each applicant is eligible for financial aid only once.

Application process

Applicants should meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Enroll in the program before the organizer's first deadline.

  2. Write a letter to the program coordinator explaining the need for financial aid to meet all or part of the tuition expenses.

  3. Enclose a resume with the letter.

  4. Be able to provide proof of academic credentials.

Neither the consortium nor the program organizers have an obligation to provide financial aid to applicants.

Amount of financial aid

The amount of financial aid awarded may cover all or part of the net cost of tuition in the program. Since the consortium is made up of multiple institutions, net tuition costs will be calculated independently by the organizers of each specific course or program.

The amount awarded in financial aid will be deducted from the fee charged the participant, who is responsible for paying the remaining sum before the deadline established for the specific course or program.


The members of the consortium, as well as the organizers of each course or program, reserve the discretion to decide which applicants will receive financial aid. Such aid will not cover expenses associated with transportation, lodging, taxes of any type, food, or any educational materials beyond those offered for free during the course or program covered under the financial aid. The awarding of financial aid is not in any way equivalent to a working relationship or contract and does not carry any legal responsibility for health insurance or social security on the part of the organizers of the educational program or the consortium.


For more information about financial aid please contact the organizer of the course or the consortium coordinator via our website: